Emelie Vanhoenacker


Nurse Specialist Medicinal Cannabis and Consultant in Medicinal Cannabis Care Pathways


For as long as I can remember, I have always had the feeling of wanting to help people. It was therefore evident that I opted for the profession of nurse. As a nurse, we have been trained to work Evidence Based. This means, among other things, that in order to constantly improve the quality of our care provision, we must continually monitor developments in our professional field on the basis of scientific professional literature. Through this process of literature study accompanied by a lot of reading and searching, in 2013 I ended up on the topic "medicinal cannabis". On my own initiative I have done research for three years on the effect of medicinal cannabis on various pathologies. This includes diseases such as chronic pain, neuropathic pain, Parkinson, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc. It has given me the insight that the cannabis plant has the ability to improve the quality of life of many people in many ways. However, it is essential that a treatment based on medicinal cannabis should be safe and properly monitored. The use of medicinal cannabis is in fact strongly determined individually; each patient can react differently and consequently the search for the appropriate form, dose and variety is extremely important in the success of the therapy. That is why our team has added value in helping and supporting the physician in the use of the appropriate therapy as well as in the follow-up of the clinical course.



For more info, please contact me via email: emelie.cpc@gmail.com

Education and work experience:


  • graduated nurse (specialization psychiatry)
  • 7 years of work experience, 4 of which as an independent home nurse.
  • Nurse Specialist Medicinal Cannabis: 5 years of experience in the medicinal cannabis sector, guidance and support of the patients who use medicinal cannabis.
  • Fluent language skills: Dutch, French and English

Education and work experience:


Diploma of Pharmacy (University of Ghent)

  • Short experience as a public pharmacist.
  • Long work experience abroad (Italy) as country manager and responsible pharmacist for Biohorma BV (Netherlands) and Bioforce AG (Switzerland). Both companies specialize in natural medicines and natural food supplements.
  • Further training and helpdesk for pharmacists about the preparation of galenic and magistral preparations (phyto) in the pharmacy.
  • Reference pharmacist Medicinal Cannabis.
  • Co-author of the book: "Medicinal Cannabis in the Health Sector".
  • Fluent language skills: Dutch, Italian, French and English

Igna Huyghe


Reference pharmacist Medicinal Cannabis


As a pharmacist, the holistic approach of the patient and Integrative Medicine has always attracted my interest. In Integrative Medicine, the patient is seen as a whole, and in addition to conventional and non-conventional therapies, the lifestyle and nutrition of the patient is also considered important. Also phytotherapy has always appealed to me strongly. Since 2014 I have focused on medicinal cannabis. The medical literature and practice prove that many patients can benefit from the use of medicinal cannabis. However, it is not a panacea and it is important that it is prescribed with knowledge. The medication with medicinal cannabis is namely tailor-made; the application and dosage is strongly determined individually and this more because many patients already use a mix of different medications. Therefore, as an independent pharmacist, I offer my help to patients, doctors, pharmacists and nurses in guiding and supporting the most suitable therapy with medicinal cannabis.




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