Cost of Services

Intake consultation (video/telephone)


This video/telephone intake interview takes about an hour. 

50,00 euro

The service package costs 110 euros. This includes the following aspects:

60,00 euro

Screening and creating the Advisory Report


  1. The report includes a comprehensive report of the video/telephone intake consultation
  2. Choice of variety(s) of cannabis
  3. Method of administration(s)
  4. Example of the prescription (is for the doctor)
  5. A shedule to build-up dosages (very accurately dose titration)
  6. List of Dutch pharmacies where to obtain medication (especially border pharmacies)
  7. Explanation how to order the cannabis oil or cannabis granulate
  8. Extra information and attention points for the patient if one has to evaporate

 Support/Follow up during treatment


For patients who use medicinal cannabis is it important that they receive support and be followed up! Sometimes the patient has problems with the dose titration or there is still no symptom relief after 2 weeks of treatment. That is why it is important that the patient or the attending physician can always contact us. This can be done via email or telephone and even if necessary via a video call. Everyone benefits from a successful treatment and that the best solution is sought in case of questions or difficulties. 


We meet every 3 weeks to evaluate the treatment and make adjustments where necessary to the treatment.

 Payment modalities:


  1. Make an appointment for video/telephone intake interview
  2. Cost of the intake interview (takes about 1 hour): 50 euros to be paid by bank transfer. Patient makes a transfer (preferably within 3 working days) according to the modalities communicated to him via 1st email.
  3. Intake interview (after payment receipt)
  4. Cost of the advisory report*: 60 euros to be paid by bank transfer. Patient makes a transfer (preferably within 3 working days) according to the modalities communicated to him via 2nd email. The advisory report and the payment note are sent within 7 working days (except for exceptions) after payment receipt via 3rd email. If the advisory report is negative (the patient is not eligible for treatment with medicinal cannabis), no amount of 60 euros will be charged in this case. In that case, the patient only pays his advance (50 euros).


         The price of 60 euros includes:


a) The preparation of the advisory report*


b) Possibly contact (after written permission from the patient) with the attending physician for questions and information via email and/or telephone

c) Additional assistance (via email and/or telephone) during the treatment if the patient or the attending physician have questions or need assistance.

d) Evaluation survey (if patient agrees) after 2 months of treatment


*An intake interview does not automatically entitle you to an advisory report. This will only be made after payment of its cost price (60 euros). We make an objective analysis in good conscience and an advisory report can also (in some cases) give a negative advice if, for example, the patient could not benefit, or that there would be too many contraindications.



Note: We take your data and privacy very seriously! Therefore, no data is exchanged outside of our own team. Only the nurse Emelie Vanhoenacker and the pharmacist Igna Huyghe are in possession of the data of the patient. Both are also bound by their medical professional secrecy. Patient information is only exchanged with the attending physician if the patient has given his/her written consent.

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