Step 1. Appointment

Make an appointment for a video/telephone intake-consultation. This is done via email (see our details on "contact").


Step 2. Video or telephone intake - consultation

The video intake consultation takes place via video call (Skype). The intake takes about one hour.


The intake consultation was drawn up according to the Gordon Patterns questionnaire; these are nursing health patterns and are essential for the preparation of the advisory report.


Please note: A few days before your video/phone consultation it is important that you send us the latest medical information (medical record and medication) via email. The current medication list on which you note the possible side effects is also essential to us. In order to have a better picture of the suffering, we ask for a brief supplementary letter describing how the patient lives with his illness or condition.


This allows us to prepare for the intake consultation.

Step 3. Evaluation of patient record and consultation

After the video consultation, your file will be evaluated to see if you are eligible for a treatment based on medicinal cannabis. The patient record is assessed by a reference nurse medical cannabis and a reference pharmacist medical cannabis. During this evaluation, if necessary, we may also contact the patient's regular general doctor (only after written consent from the patient).


Step 4. The advisory report



The advisory report includes the following information:



=> The report of the video/telephone intake consultation


=> Choice of variety(s) of cannabis


=> Method of administration(s)


=> Example of the prescription (for the physician)


=> Oil and/or evaporation schedule


=> List of Dutch pharmacies where the medication can be ordered (on prescription)


=> Explanation how to order cannabis oil or cannabis granulate


=> Info and points of attention for the patients who evaporate

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