What is Cannabis Patient Care?

Cannabis Patient Care is a European healthcare service to guide and support patients in the use of medicinal cannabis (on prescription and via the pharmaceutical circuit). We offer our knowledge and experience of medicinal cannabis to both patient and physician.


Cannabis Patient Care was established in July 2018. Both founders have a medical education and have been active in the medicinal cannabis branch for several years.

Which services does Cannabis Patient Care offer?


  • Providing an advice report on whether or not you are eligible for a treatment with medicinal cannabis.
  • Guidance and support with the use of medicinal cannabis.
  • Information and education through information sessions (lectures and/or webinars).
  • Training of physicians and other health professional
  • Collaboration with physicians and other healthcare professionals so that the treatment with medicinal cannabis proceeds in the most professional and successful way.




How much does a service from Cannabis Patient Care cost?


Cannabis Patient Care works with a formula whereby the patient pays an advance (50 euros) and a balance (60 euros), thus a total of 110 euros for the full service. This service includes the following important points:


  1. Video or telephone intake consultation
  2. Screening of the medical file
  3. Drawing up of the advisory report
  4. Guidance and support during treatment
  5. After 2 months of treatment you will be asked to complete (this is not mandatory) an anonymous survey about your treatment. This is done via an app that is currently under development.


How does the screening of my record work and who does it?


The file is screened on the following points:


  1. Has the patient gone through all conventional therapies?
  2. What are the side effects of the treatment(s) that the patient has undergone lately?
  3. How heavy is the suffering? (personally written letter and comments during the intake consultation)
  4. Which treatments is the patient undergoing?

The dossier is screened by Emelie Vanhoenacker, reference nurse medical cannabis and Igna Huyghe, reference pharmacist medical cannabis. Both have been active in the medicinal cannabis sector for several years and are also internationally connected with various medical cannabis experts. Our experience and knowledge allow us to screen the patient for possible treatment with medicinal cannabis. During the intake consultation we use the questions of the Gordon Patterns (special nursing health patterns) and analyze whether the patient has indeed gone through all conventional therapies. All this to draw up an objective and qualitative advisory report that can serve as a guide for the doctor to start a medical cannabis treatment.





How does Cannabis Patient Care handle the Privacy of your medical data?

 Cannabis Patient Care collects your medical data and then, on the basis thereof, does an intake consultation questionnaire with the patient. The questionnaire and the medical data are then screened to see if the patient is eligible for a treatment based on medicinal cannabis.


We take your data and privacy very seriously! Therefore, no data is exchanged outside of our own team. Only the nurse Emelie Vanhoenacker and the pharmacist Igna Huyghe are in possession of the data of the patient. Both are also bound by their medical professional secrecy. Patient information is only exchanged with the attending physician if the patient has given his/her written consent. We do not store your medical data for longer than necessary; this up to a maximum of three calendar years. After this expired time the files are destroyed in a careful way.




Can doctors prescribe medicinal cannabis in Belgium?


Every doctor has therapeutic freedom according to Belgian legislation. This is formally stated in Article 11 of Royal Decree No 78 of 10 November 1967 concerning the exercise of health care professions.


Art. 11. The practitioners referred to [2 in Articles 2, § 1, 3, 4, 21noviesdecies, 21quatervicies and 21quinquiesv] 2 may not be subject to regulatory restrictions on the choice of the means to be used, either for the establishment of the diagnosis, either for setting and carrying out the treatment, or for carrying out magistral preparations.


In many European countries the doctor has therapeutic freedom to prescribe any kind of medical therapies if this is for the benefit of his patient. However, therapeutic freedom is not unlimited. In the case of medicinal cannabis, all other conventional therapies must first have been tried. In other words, medicinal cannabis is prescribed in practice as a last-line drug; if all conventional therapies do not help or give too many side effects.

Is the use of medical cannabis punishable in Belgium?


The use of medicinal cannabis, picked up by Belgian patients in a Dutch pharmacy on the prescription of a Belgian doctor, is in practice tolerated by the Belgian judiciary. This does mean that the patient remains under the care and is regularly followed up by his physician. The use of medicinal cannabis is therefore not penalized in practice (if there are no aggravating circumstances).

Is medical cannabis reimbursed in Belgium by the health insurance fund?


No. For some people the CPAS may well intervene in the costs.

Only the registered medicine Sativex®, based on two cannabis extracts, and only prescribed by a neurologist (attached to a hospital) for certain Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients, is reimbursed by the health insurance fund.

What about commercial CBD oil?


To date, commercial CBD oils for human use have no clear legal status in any European country. Formally it is even prohibited in Belgium to sell or purchase these CBD oils.

Since these commercial CBD oils do not have official legal status, it is not clear from which raw material these CBD oils were obtained. Usually they are made from industrial fiber hemp. As a result, the quality of these oils can not always be guaranteed. The use of certain CBD products purchased via the Internet can, in the case of sensitive persons, give the opposite effect to the expectation; no desired symptom relief and even more side effects!

For symptom relief or the treatment of diseases, we always recommend to use cannabis suitable for medicinal use. That means on prescription from a doctor and delivered by a pharmacy.

Is medical cannabis permitted in traffic?

The use of medicinal cannabis in traffic is absolutely not allowed! Not even with the express consent of the doctor. That is why we advise all our patients to be transported or to use public transport.


If you have any other questions that are not listed above, please contact us via e-mail (see Contact).


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