Cannabis Patient Care focuses on patient care, education of care professionals, research and development of medicinal cannabis care pathways.

Medicinal cannabis is slowly becoming a complementary treatment for diseases. More and more patients are approaching their doctor whether their condition can be considered for such a therapy. Sometimes doctors refuse to start a treatment based on medical cannabis because it is not part of the conventional treatments. Moreover, most doctors have not had any professional training about it yet.

So often the patient stays in the dark and seeks his relief on the internet, which in addition to good information also spreads a lot of untruths.

Cannabis Patient Care was created with the aim of supporting patients and doctors in treatment with medicinal cannabis. We are a team with a medical education. The founders Emelie Vanhoenacker (nurse specialist medicinal cannabis) and Igna Huyghe (reference pharmacist for medical cannabis) have also been active in the medical cannabis sector for several years. Both have joined forces to offer professional care regarding medicinal cannabis.

This collaboration did not just happen lika that, they both have the drive and passion to help and guide patients in the use of medical cannabis on prescription. We opt for professional, constant medical supervision and support, both for the patient and for the doctor. Cannabis Patient Care attaches great importance to the cooperation with the regular general practitioner, indispensable link in the first line care of the patient and often his confidant.

We have followed foreign training courses, are internationally connected with other healthcare professionals and we are constantly following this fast-growing sector.

Cannabis Patient Care distinguishes itself completely from all other organizations. We present ourselves as care providers. This means that there is only cooperation with doctors or other healthcare professionals. This is to keep the quality of our services optimal and to give oure patients the best care that they requir.

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