Doctors and Care Professionals

Prescribing medicinal cannabis can give certain doctors the feeling that they are taking a step into the unknown! After all, the medicinal cannabis sector is new. The promotion of knowledge and expertise among healthcare professionals regarding medicinal cannabis is therefore the backbone of our healthcare provision.

The medicinal cannabis sector is an industry that is growing very fast. Everywhere in Europe and North-South America, legislation is being amended to legalize medicinal cannabis. A great deal of scientific and clinical research is also being conducted. Consequently, it is very important that both doctors and all other healthcare professionals gain knowledge about medicinal cannabis. Cannabis Patient Care regularly gives courses or information moments for the medical sector. Depending on the target group, specific needs are addressed; both with regard to the theoretical background and the practical application.

Finally; teamwork!


To bring the treatment of a patient to a success, it is essential that there is collaboration with the doctors and other healthcare professionals. Especially the doctor of the patient is the most important link in this. After all, he is and remains the direct contact and confidential advisor of the patient.


Our organization also intends to create a network of doctors and healthcare professionals regarding medical cannabis. After all, shared information is constructive and especially effective for a better health service.

Agenda International and National Congresses / Symposia on medicinal cannabis

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