Research and Development Medicinal Cannabis Care Pathways.

Cannabis Patient Care does not only help patients in their search for complementary treatment with medicinal cannabis. But based on research we develop Medicinal Cannabis Care Path (s), these care path (s) can be adjusted according to the needs of the type of care setting. However, the basis is always the same, but a whole care can be built around, so that a multidisciplinary care path is developed.

The big advantage of this is that care is much more structured than what is currently the case.

efficient medical cannabis policy means that the care processes are central: although the quality of care is finally measured in terms of the result, it is that result that is predominantly determined by the quality of the underlying care processes. A good medical cannabis policy means that you have to work with care path (s) that have been worked out for this. These are interventions that keep the structure, process and results of care moving. Medicinal Cannabis care pathways should be used as a method to achieve a certain goal.

Medicinal Cannabis Care Path (s) can be seen in the documents below.

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