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If you have questions about medicinal cannabis or any other general question, you can always contact us by e-mail (see "Contact"). Our team of healthcare professionals will answer your questions within 3 working days. Attention: we do not answer medical questions. For this the patient must call upon his attending physician.

Medicinal Cannabis Consult 


One can compare the advisory report with a nursing patient file such as in a hospital. This means that we are going to work very differently because this is crucial for the determination of the right type of cannabis, dosage and method of administration. It also allows us to better evaluate the follow-up and progression of the treatment. Both the doctors and the patient receive the advisory report in such a way that the physician can at all times also account for the start of treatment based on medicinal cannabis.

 Patient education and information


Education and give good information to the patient is of crucial importance for the proper course of treatment with medical cannabis.

Consequently, it is important that there is sensitization about what medicinal cannabis is and is not, what the possibilities are and how to deal with it. Our team therefore provides information moments or afternoon and evening presentations at the request of interested parties.

Research en and development of medicinal cannabis care pathways

Developments in the medicinal cannabis sector are evolving very rapidly, with the result that many European country's are reviewing their policy on medicinal cannabis in a positive way.

However, Cannabis Patient Care notes that in most European countries there are no effective medicinal cannabis care pathways so that the care is "much" more structured. And this is to the advantage of both patient (s), doctors, nurses and pharmacists.






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