Installation instructions Skype


In most cases, the Skype program is installed on all computers, laptops and smartphones. It is a tool that we at Cannabis Patient Care using them because it is very user-friendly.




If Skype is not installed as standard on your computer or laptop, you will have to install it first! See below the link to the Skype website where you can install the Skype program on your device.







Instructions if Skype is already on your laptop or computer



  1. If you open Skype, make sure that you have a Microsoft account and also have an "outlook" email address.
  2. Skype logs in with your Outlook email address.
  3. Once you are registered, you only need to enter the name of the person who will take the intake consultation in the Skype search bar. Telephone contact will be made in advance so that the relevant person from Cannabis Patient Care can provide his contact details. These will then be reflected in Skype. In addition, an invitation will also be sent via email for the Skype conversation. In this way we ensure that we can easily start a Skype conversation and that everything runs smoothly.

 See below a Video how Skype is used

Info video for people who use Skype for the first time

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