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Patient Care


Cannabis Patient Care helps patients support their search in complementary treatment with medicinal cannabis. Medicinal cannabis is always on doctor's prescription and is obtained through the pharmaceutical circuit. Often the attending physician is open to such treatment, but usually he does not know enough about the effect and the possibility of this therapy, as well as whether his patient could get better with it.

The patient can go to Cannabis Patient Care for this. We help and assist the patient in obtaining the best possible care.

Our team, after an accurate examination of the patient and his clinical situation, draws up an "opinion letter" or, in other words, an "advisory report". We make an objective analysis in good conscience and thus an opinion letter can also, in some cases, give a negative advice if the patient could not benefit, or that there would be too many contraindications. In general, treatment with medicinal cannabis is only advised if the standard treatments do not work adequately or give too many side effects. Such a therapy then tries to improve the quality of life of the patient and make it better. 


This advisory report can serve as a guide for drawing up a prescription by the treating physician. It contains everything a doctor and patient needs to start a treatment based on medicinal cannabis. In addition, one can also count on our continued support and assistance while using medical cannabis, both to the patient and the physician.




Patient education and information



The following points will be discussed during the presentation


  • What is medicinal cannabis and what is it not?
  • Where does it come from?
  • By whom is the medicinal cannabis grown?
  • What are the forms of administration?
  • How does it work in my body?
  • In which diseases can it be justified or useful?
  • What are the possible side effects?
  • What is the cost?
  • Finally, extra time is spent on the question session from the audience.


An important pillar of Cannabis Patient Care is giving correct information about medicinal cannabis to patients, patient organizations or other interested public. This information is worked out differently than that intended for the medical corps. It is less technical and the emphasis is mainly on the possibilities and impossibilities of medicinal cannabis.


This education and information takes place in the afternoon or evening presentation via webinars. These performances can also be organized on a location. For further info please contact us (see "Contact").


As far as future webinars are concerned: this is an online possibility to experience a presentation live remotely via the internet. For the online presentation we use https://zoom.us. To follow the show it is necessary to download a small software or app. This software or app is completely free. Cannabis Patient Care then only needs the e-mail address of the interested person to invite him to log in to the online video session.


See below an information video about a zoom video webinar. The data for online webinars will be published on our Facebook or Instagram page. We therefore advise interested parties to follow our Facebook or Instagram page to stay informed about future events.

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